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Knitted Items Make Unique Gifts

Gift giving can be a challenge. Of course you want to show your sister, aunt, or best friend how much she means to you, but finding something unique that fits her personality can be a tough job. Fortunately there are beautiful and fashionable options that are not run-of-the-mill, mass produced copies.

Yarn to the rescue! There are so many yarn options available. Fringy eyelash, ribbon, and feather yarns have interesting textures even without doing anything with them. Soft yarns like silk and baby alpaca are an affordable bit of luxury. The light weights available mean that these treasures are no longer confined to the cold winter months.

Yarn alone is only a gift for a knitter of course, but finished knitted items make great gifts. Scarves are hot fashion accessories and with all the pattern and yarn options a hand knitted scarf is sure to be a one-of-a-kind gift. Luxurious yarns do not have to be confined to a scarf, though. They turn shawls, wraps, and darling short sweaters into sumptuous garments. Even the old stand-by afghan comes back to life with fibers like mohair or even daring metallic yarns. There are options for your favorite purse fanatic, too, and an original hand knitted bag costs much less than the top designer hand-bags.

If you have the time and skill you can, of course, knit your own. Continental Stitch has the yarn you need to create your own hand knitted gifts. Additionally, we always carry an assortment of hand knitted items ready for you to simply purchase and wrap.